Uploading Image using Webcam

I want to upload Image and Video to Student Log using webcam. How can i go about this?

This feature is not available for now. Currently, you will have to manually select an image from the file browser of your computer.

For now, I have created Github Issue for this feature suggestion.

can u give me some idea to implement this.

Just like we have option to browse file,there will be another option to take picture as well. When picture is taken from in-built camera and file is added, that same file will be auto-attached in the file modal.

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i m not able to find another option which u mentioned.

For now, this feature is not available in ERPNext, hence request you to create Github Issue for the feature suggestion.

I got java script for uploading image using webcam. Could any one tell me how to go about integrating it to frappe framework.

Script location : GitHub - jhuckaby/webcamjs: HTML5 Webcam Image Capture Library with Flash Fallback

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was able to integrate this webcamjs
just put it on build.json and implement it on your custom script or .js file of your doctype

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What is this able to do?