Uploading Photo and PDF attachment in ERPNext running in Docker container on VPS is unbearably slow

We want to attache 1 Photo and 3 PDF files to each Item.

What is the optimum size for the Photo and PDF files?

Currently adding a Photo of 5 MB is taking around 5 and a half minutes to upload and attaching PDF files or 10 MB each, seems to freeze and never gets completed.

Are there any settings that I may have to do in Docker container or do I have to modify configuration of ERPNext?


To start there’s this https://frappe.io/docs/user/en/guides/app-development/running-background-jobs

As well a search on ‘background’ plus ‘report’ ‘worker’ ‘scheduler’ will help inform you for eg Functions executed in background often gets stale document from frappe.get_doc/reload

This has nothing to do with Background processes.

Actually my question is that uploading attachments to a DocType is taking very long. This is due to the fact that ERPNext is setup in a Docker Container or there is some other problem?

Or do I may have to update the configuration on server manually?


I would like to confirm after experimenting that uploading attachment is very slow in ERPNext running in Docker container, but if that same version is installed directly outside container the attachment uploading is 10x faster!!!

@revant_one can you please check this and confirm?


it has nothing to do with docker nor ERPNext, bottleneck in most of the cases is network or hardware.

Well, I also thought that should be the case but to confirm that container is not a problem I installed ERPNext 13 outside container and posted my observations here.

I am using the same PC, the same internet connection and the same VPS.

After extensive testing I observed that it takes a very long time for a file of around 9 MB to upload in the containerized version of ERPNext while in case of ERPNext installed outside the container takes very little time.


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