Urgent: Data loss possibility

Hello there,

please take note of this post, which really concerns me.

We use the feedback request feature since the beginning of the year and it was and is working fine. However the customers don’t often give feedback, but we collected several feedbacks, for this case, lets just say 10, which is very close.

Now I checked all Feedback Requests with a rating higher than 0 and surprisingly I see, that we only have 3 of these 10 left. I thought it might be a permission error or something, but after looking into the database table tabFeedback Request I have to realize that all data older than 14-07 of this year are gone!

How can I be sure, that this happened?

  1. I checked the database
  2. I checked the deleted doctype list. There is no reference made to the Docs with the prefix ISS-, which were lost.
  3. The ISS-Docs still exist and show up in the Support-App. They even have the rating comment and the rating stars on the left top. There are simply no data entries to these anymore.

This concerns me a lot, this this looks like a completely undocumented data loss. Backups can not help you, if you don’t even realize you are loosing data.

Was there any patch by Frappe / ERPNext, which might delete them or is there a setting, where you can set up how long these requests are valid? Maybe after that they are deleted? This would be strange, because you can not get reports about your ratings, but it would be at least an explanation, which wouldn’t give me the feeling that I am losing data, without evening noticing it.

Please, anyone, if you know something, which might have caused this, let me know!


Please have a look at these screenshots. I found one simple core report right here:
https://yourerp.local/desk#query-report/Feedback Ratings

As you can see, I have 6 feedbacks. I used to check the ratings here, which gave me more flexibility: https://yourerp.local/desk#List/Feedback Request/List:

As you can see, only 3 are shown. We didn’t delete them! I checked the Deleted Documents list and it doesn’t show them.

Any ideas?

Another edit:

Do we really need this code? This gave me the feeling losing data, without getting any notice. At least we could move it to deleted documents list. What do you suggest?

def delete_feedback_request():
        """ clear 100 days old feedback request """
        frappe.db.sql("""delete from `tabFeedback Request` where creation<DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 100 DAY)""")

Maybe there could be some setting which allows user to enable / disable deletion of old feedback. Could you raise a git hub issue for this?