Urgent help on Add ToDo

Hi everybody

I need your help on this pls

I need to add some fields to be shown next of the full name of user in “Assign To” result

For example: Need to add department with the full name of the user who assigns to.

This can only be achieve with customisation from the code side.
You will need to hire a developer to help you with this.

Good Luck.

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Hey Mr. Fkardame

I am a Developer, and I have access to code.

But how can I achieve that pls

Thx in advance,

Assign to field is link field to User and there is no Department field in User form.
You might have to fetch Employee form by matching erpnext_id with user_id and get the Department.
Using JS you will have to add it to the Assign Field. It is not an easy task afaik, I am not a coder so I cannot help you with codes.

I am not even sure if you can customise this without touching the core.

Good Luck with this :smiley:

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Here you go.


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You described the solution perfectly