[Urgent] How to change the name of a custom app

Hello everyone
I was wondering is there a better way to change the name of a custom app
currently what I do is

  • create a new app with the new name
  • go in doctype list and manually move all the doctype to new app’s new module
  • go server side and copy all the codes from old app’s doctypes’s .py and .js files to new app’s doctypes’s .py and .js files


I can’t remember exactly, but don’t forget about:

  • Reports
  • Forms
  • Pages
  • sites/apps.txt
  • sites/apps.json
  • hooks.py (includes some app info)

Hope this helps.

Hello yes all this files also I have to move but my question is is there a way we can just change the name of the application
shouldnt it be a simpler task?

No short way, as far i know …

Okay Thanks