URGENT! NEED HELP Automatically updating


May erpnext is updating. what will i do ? will i just wait for it to finish? i didn’t select anything.

Please help. my erpnext is not working

Refresh after sometime, should be ok.

bench config auto_update off
to turn off auto update

but how to cancel the update? will just wait for it to finish?

Such messages come when you have either:

  1. bench migrate in progress
  2. bench update or
  3. bench upgrade in progress.

If you have not done this by yourself and you want to turn off the auto config off, try this command:

$ bench config auto_update off

The update may take around 20-40 mins depending on your internet bandwidth to your CPU capability

Try refreshing after some time you should get it back on track.



Hi @ossphinc

Your update run not completed. It’s error.
I think you must check console of server.

bench update

run this command and capture error.