Urgent Problem with Child Table Timestamps

Hello Everyone,

I have encountered one error in the database of the child table.

doctype: Sales Order
child_doctype: Sales Order Items
Firstly I have added the first item in the Sales Order Items table and the database first item was added with the current modified_time.
later I added a second item. In the database second item was added with the current modified_time but it has updated the first item’s modified_time also to the current time.
So I have realized that modified_time is updating all Items while adding or changing one item.
This is happening not only in Sales Order Items but all Child table scenarios in frappe/ERPnext

So it is not possible to get item or child instance wise modified_time right now. because modified_time is being updated every time of all child instances hence all instances have the same modified_time.

I’m hoping we can address this ASAP. Accurate timestamps are super important for our data to make sense and for us to use it properly. I’d appreciate your thoughts on how we can sort this out and prevent it from happening again.