Urgently needs action

Can’t save customer file ( “Series” field requires to be filled in. )
Material request status still “pending” after making PO.
PO did not link to the Material request.

which version of erpnext and frappe is this?

v10.0.4-993 (898977b) (v10.x.x)

We are actually facing several issues with the ERP these days. It takes too long to process. We have checked on our internet connection and it is doing very well. Our server is working perfectly fine too. We are having so much delay on processing invoices as some of the details won’t appear.

are you self hosted?

what does it mean?

Are you still with me, sir?

He was asking if you run your own server or do you have it hosted somewhere.

I see, we run our own server…

don’t run*

If you’re using version v10.0.4-993 then this was a very early version of V10. There have been nearly a years worth of updates to 10.1.71 that may well have fixed this issue if you want to stay on the v10 branch but please consider updating to latest updates of V10 ie Release Release v10.1.71 · frappe/frappe · GitHub at least .

I guess @phhc would need instructions on how to do that. If he just runs a bench update this would result into getting a v11 instance

@phhc please in the future do not mix problems in once Topic and create a more meaningful subject then “urgently needs action”, ok?

thank you @Julian_Robbins for the advice.

@vrms my apology for mixing problems in one topic and for the less meaningful subject. :weary:

The issue has been solved…we tried to open ERP from another browser and it works well now but the slow process issue is still there. This ones we don’t know what is the solution. @Julian_Robbins perhaps is right on his note.

sorry, im confused. Are you running ERPNext on your own server? or are you subscribing to ERPNext Cloud.

If you hosted ERPNext on your own and your problem is performance check your server resource monitor see what is being consumed a lot, is it the CPU or the RAM.

Next thing you are going to check is what processes are running that is consuming your resources a lot.