Urllib3, chardet incompatible msg while installing frappe

new-site is not working so , as i refer this link,

but i am attached screenshot for your ref.

msg saying we need urllib3 = 1.21.1 / 1.20
how can we install both in a single server.?

how can we get chardet = 3.0.4 ?

we request experts reply to proceed further in this regarding…

Thank You.


I don’t think this should create much problems on a local setup.
Try updating the library manually after install, you can do this from your bench folder
env/bin/pip install urllib3 -U

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Thank You for your reply.

check the attachment , then reply…

how can we install botocore.? so that we can use this “batch new-site “site-name”” cmd…

Boto is the library for AWS, you can install it the same way you installed urllib3

/env/bin/pip install botocore

However running bench setup requirements should also fix this issue