US/Western based support/consulting

I was taking a look at the service providers page and while there seems to be an abundance of support options most of them are based in non-optimal time zones. The company I work for is based out of California and we are looking at shifting our ERP needs to erpnext. We can handle most of the day to day issues but I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for companies or individuals that offer consulting/support services. Especially interested in best practices when setting things up and customizing them but also having an on-going contact in the event that we encounter issues we are unable to solve.

I’m in PDT - Washington State.
Although somewhat new to ERPNext, I’ve been devoting major self-study time to becoming fluent in the environment.
I’m a full-time Integration/EDI consultant with a background in other commercial ERPs. I also have a significant virtualization lab, and can spin-up POCs of ERPNext quickly - perfect for evaluating customization (which I have had success with), performing pilots and also for testing a specific data-migration strategy. If you have an interest in discussing further, ping me privately or respond here.
If I’m not personally able to resolve something for you, I have a growing list of US consultants to refer you to.

I am located in Orange County and could help you. I have been trying to get my name in the directory without much luck.

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