Usage Info in Frappe Framework


Any reason why usage info statistics was removed from Frappe?


Most of it was hardcoded for the ERPNext Cloud and badly implemented, and was not going to be maintained since we did not use it for the Cloud anymore. The assumption was that no one was really using it.

If someone wants it back, they can send a PR in lines with the Contributions Guidelines.

Thanks for the clarification Rushabh. Will try if I Can come up with a more generic design and send a PR.


I guess some of us used it don’t know about people in general. Would have been better if it was deprecated first and then removed in subsequent releases rather than removing it all of a sudden in a commit with not much details. Again this is just my suggestion and I don’t know how open and community driven Frappe framework itself is.

I would like to have it back. But not sure how to send a PR in lines with the Contribution Guidelines though.

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