Usage of Account Book

Hi , my understanding of the accounts module in ERPNEXT allow to handle multiple account book. Example : One Main branch with few sub branch account.

My question is, is there any different if we consider each of the branch as different company without any relationship in each another? What I want is to handle different company account book in single ERPNEXT account. If this is possible, how many account book allow in single ERPNEXT system?

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Company wise Account get created.
For Example:-
-In ERPNext ,if you created Three companies then Three Cost Center and Chart Of Account get made.
So you can book your entries in respective companies.

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I don’t really get your answer. Meaning to say, ERPNEXT only possible to handle maximum 3 cost center and 3 chart or account?

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No.I just given you one Example.
You can make Multiple companies and according to that Cost center and COA get made.

Gat it now. Thanks for your feedbak!