USD fraction - currency exchange issue

After passing a payment in USD to supplier X. Base currency being AED. There is a difference of 0.01 AED . Now the troubling issue is there is a value of -0.01 AED being shown in the account payable report.
I am trying to pass a counter JV to balance this to currency exchange loss account, but the .00 fraction of USD isnt allowing be to do so - as I have to pass a JV with value something like 0.00243 USD to balance the 0.01 AED.
I been trying to increase the fraction of USD, but is failing to do so. What would be the ideal way to solve this

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Can you please create sample records in and post it here? It will help to understand the issue.

Hello, did you ever manage to solve this?

We are still having this issue, any suggestion?

I apologize if this is a dumb question, but if you are on v10, you might need to change the USD to use $0.01 as the lowest currency. In some earlier versions it was set to $0.05. Sorry that I can’t offer more help.