Use advance in a submitted Sales Invoice

Hello ERPNext Team, kindly help with the below use case.

Assume there is a JE-01 where a advance of 5/- was given by a customer, irrespective of a order/invoice.
Now if i am creating a Sales invoice(4/-), before submission if i go to advances section, i can choose this JE-01 and pay this invoice. Everything fine.

But assume i did not know about the advance, and submitted the sales invoice without choosing the advance option. Now while doing payment for this invoice, how can i use the existing advance (JE-01).

Please let me know.

Options are

  1. Cancel and amend this invoice to show advance.
  2. Or make payment entry if the advance was recorded earlier.

Thanks @Muzzy . I will try out the second option and update you.

So i opened my SI. And then clicked make payment. It opened a Payment Entry as type receive from the customer. . But i could not see anywhere to link this payment from the advance payment of JE-1.

When i submitted my payment. I see that the SI was paid up as a brand new payment from the customer. But the advance is still unchanged/untouched. How do i use up this advance for this submitted invoice.