Use another Chart of Accounts

I am trying to use another chart of accounts but there are only two options (Standard, Existing Company).
Now I know also that there is a folder with verified chart of accounts but I don’t know how to bring it to desk.
Can you please give me a hint. Despite the existing topics I can’t figure out how to do it (limited programming knowledge)

Thank you

After creating a company, you can use the chart of Accounts importer to upload a new one:

Thank you for your answer @kennethsequeira. I think I have might found the cause the problem.

When I setup a new Company the default country is Greece (though in Company Customize Form I have not a default value for the field country). But the Greek Chart of Accounts is in the unverified folder, so it is not loaded ( I would like to know how to load an unverified Chart of Accounts).

The thing is that when I setup a new company the default value for field country is always Greece.
So I chance the country to Germany for example, but the verified German chart of accounts is not loaded (it behaves as if the country was set to Greece).

Only when I change the default field country value to Germany from Company Customize Form the German Charts of Accounts are loaded.

Is this behavior correct? I don’t think so. When the value of country in Company is changed, the corresponding country Charts of Accounts should be loaded.

Do you have any solution for that?
Thank you