Use Auto Repeat for Projects, Tasks, and ToDos

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Currently it appears only transactional documents (Journal Entry, Purchase Invoice etc) are available in the Auto Repeat tool. How can we add other docs like Projects, Tasks, and ToDos?


Any suggestions pls?

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I have asked to try to make “Recurring ToDos”. They have made some great progress on the project and when they are done we have asked them to get that code merged to the Core. I wasn’t thinking about Recurring Projects or Tasks. I suppose that it is possible but I am not a coder.


Hi @MichaelPinkowski

That’s great… hope to see this merged really soon. I am however not quite sure why the Auto Repeat feature was limited to certain documents in the first place. It seems to me this should be something allowed as an option on all documents… I scrolled though the DocType masters several times looking for an ‘Allow Auto Repeat’ checkbox!

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Auto repeat is supposed to be a general purpose document, I guess we never got time to restructure it before @tundebabzy’s assignment got over.

Ah, I see…

I’ve opened a Github issue for this Auto Repeat for all DocTypes · Issue #16525 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Hopefully @tundebabzy or someone else could consider helping to tidy this up

Many thanks!

I can work on it once I’m able to find free time


Thanks a lot… that would be awesome :+1:t3:

@wale @tundebabzy you can look at this repo:

What you are looking for is available in planning module