Use bench get-app with local repository instead of remote repository

Is it possible to use the command bench get-app ... with a local repository instead of the repository of ERPNext that is in Github?

Fetching repository with bench get-app … simply clone repo. Not sure, I think if you mention

bench get-app app-name path/to/repo

it may work.

Just try :smile:


I tried but it seems that it do a git clone again.


What are you planning to do? Normally, you’d develop a frappe app in bench and use it in a bench. That is the assumption :smile:


I want to try something similar, fresh install erpnext using easy script from local repository, not from remote repository. How to clone repository from remote to local?

What are the steps to do this?


How to full-clone remote repo to local? So we can fresh install frappe+erpnext from local repository?

How to create my own repository for ERPNext?