Use BOM production costs as item selling price

Hi Everyone,

Is there any possibility to use the total manufacturing costs, including operating, material and scrap costs, as the selling price for the produced item? Maybe even with a surcharge of a given percentage?

Until now, we have to manually change the price of every item, if the production cost changes, what’s kind of annoying.

Thanks in advance!
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I too would like to know how to do this as all my products are made to order and priced based on a specific markup on my cost to make. I would hate to have to do double entry on the pricing of items every time something changes.

me too need to know if this possible

This feature would be essential for my organization as well!!!

I know it’s a long time after the last reply, but I want to know if you find any solution at this

I have created a new Doctype: Pricing Recommendation.
This fetches prices from the default BOM of an item and adds a few other things:

Next I created a “Recommended Price” field inside quotation item table. The recommended price from the Pricing Recommendation is fetched here via a server script.

Sine we can’t have pricing reflect changes to BOM cost immediately, every six months we revise/refresh the Recommended Prices using Data Import/custom Client Scripts.

The only reason for saving BOM cost separately is to give some periodic stability to pricing.

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