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I know ERPNext uses bootstrap 4 but I’ve been trying for months now and cant figure out how to apply a template.

Does anyone know how, or if its possible to apply a template to ERPNext such as this one here Eterna - Free Multipurpose Bootstrap Template | BootstrapMade

Thank You

Hi @KevinBrown,
frappe has its own convention on the ui especially the desk.But If you want to apply the theme@css for your custom website(www,templates directory in your app) in frappe you can try to override the base.html or web.html template frappe/templates/ and apply your own css.

This can be done for website (not the app).

  • Make a custom app for the new template.
  • Put js, css, images files in their respective public directory (.js to public/js, css to public/css, etc).
  • Put the html files in www directory.
  • Change the base.html and web.html to your new base template (can be done with hooks or jinja {% extends "/www/newbase.html" %}

In (Hooks)

  • Put js and css in the (web_include_js and _css)
  • Point to the new base.html

Thanks Rahy,

I’ve managed to make the pages appear by adding them .html files to the www folder in my custom app, I’ve changed the head info in the html to point to the correct location but there are lements that still dont work.

how can I install owl.carousel onto erpnext to make the carousel work? it works when i open the file locally on my laptop but as soon as I upload it to ERPNext it stops working.

I don’t know how to make the carousel file works. I’m not web developer :slight_smile:
But if it is js it should work, maybe with a little tweak if and when necessary.
Otherwise you may need other engines that are not readily available in frappe framework.

Never mind, I found the error, I mistyped something :frowning:

Thanks again for your help!

Would love to see the worked out website :slight_smile:

I’m just trying to figure out how to incorporate the ERPNext elements into the theme first.

I want the navbar, footer, blogs etc to have the theme of the template but still use the information in the ERPNext settings.

If I can figure it out I’ll gladly post the results :slight_smile:

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Hello @KevinBrown did you ever succeed in this?