Use case mapping for buying services

Hello ERPNext community. I’ve been tasked to do a research on implementing an ERP software for a small company that sells products and then buys the product. Sounds weird…?

The company (we’ll call it small company) helps other big companies with their supplies. Example would be a printer.

Here’s their business process:

Enterprise asks the small company for a printer,
the small company does a research for the printer’s total price, logistics, services and all,
and gives tells the enterprise the total cost and shipping date.
If approved, enterprise makes a “purchase order” to the small company,
small company makes the printer purchase from a source, and delivers the printer to the enterprise according to their logistics date and everything

The problem is the enterprise sends the request for quote to many similar small companies at the same time, and the small company does not manufacture anything at all. It’s just a middle person company.

I’m here looking for advices setting ERPNext for such company, and would really like to avoid custom modifications.

Does your business by any chance do the same…? Would you recommend setting up ERPNext for such a business process?

Thanks guys, any advice helps!

Hi ,

one can certainly do this in ERPNext and it all depends on your business processes , wt controls you are expecting from erpnext , i dont think you need huge customization but certainly you will need lot of configuration based on your business process

for e.g. the business process which could be configured can be as follows;

1 Create list of all products in product master in which small company intends to deal in
2 Allow customers (big companies) to submit basic details enquiries directly into erpnext) through customer login
3 update enquiry with exact details like actual product matching customer expectations
after doing research
4 generate purchase enquiry to multiple vendors of the product
5 allow supplier to login and provide price , payment terms , delivery dates , other terms etc
6 auto generate comparative statement
7 select lowest price (may not be always) and generate PO awaiting appproval
8 create sales order based on PO
9 obtain acceptance on SO from customer
10 approve PO (If SO approved by customer)
11 receive product either directly at customer or small company facility
12 obtain acceptance of invoice and delivery from customer
13 create GRN (For supplier) and book purchase invoice
14 receive payment from customer
15 make payment to supplier

please note do not combine business process definition and or business process re engineering project with erpnext implementation as erp implementation entry criteria must be documented business processes which can certainly be then tweaked as and when required (Agile)



Thank you so much sir, I’d try implementing what you’ve wrote up here, and see how it goes.

Thank you again!