Use case of "My pages"

Hi guys,
I’m new to the Gameplan app. And I wonder what is the app for? It looks like a Note taking tool?

Hi @elise,

Gameplan is a work communication tool for teams who mostly work remote and prefer having meaningful discussions in an async format. We built it for ourselves because we were finding it difficult to keep track of so many conversations in our chat tool. Chat forces you to be online all the time and doesn’t really have any concept of threaded discussions. Gameplan allows you to categorize your discussions around projects and teams. It also doubles up as your team’s knowledge archive. You can surface important information and conclusions from your discussions into the readme’s of your projects and teams.

Thank you for replying me. Im sorry because of my typing mistake. I meant about the use case of My pages feature. I appriciate if u can explain about that. thank u so much

Yes, right now it acts like a note taking tool. You can then share the document with your team mates or link the URL in some discussion/post/task within Gameplan itself.