Use case of Opportunity in CRM

Hello , Sivaranjani from Voltech HR services ,chennai. Any one can explain uses of opportunity in CRM.

This should help you : Opportunity

Thanks. what is the difference between Lead and Opportunity

Lead are all the people the sales person may meet in a day, now they may or may not be interested in the services or product the company is offering. Those leads which show interest and are willing to talk more are known as opportunity.

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To expand on @root13F’s answer, Lead, Opportunity and Customer are stages in the sales funnel concept (for which there is no standardized terminology… just look at this chaos) This feature exists in ERPNext as a report, documentation here.


There is also a slight difference in the way that ERPNext handles Leads compared to Opportunities.

Leads have a much more streamlined entry process compared to Opportunities as it’s likely you may not always have a leads full details to start with it may be just a first name and email or telephone number at the most basic. You would generally be inputting more Leads than Opportunities due to the filtering process evident in the sales pipeline charts that @tmatteson mentions above.

Also you may not necessarily need to use Leads anyway depending on your particular industry. We start with Opportunities for defined product or service enquiries and only add Leads for people we may meet at an Exhibition or demonstration perhaps.

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Lead - Prospect is not yet in "Interested " zone. He is still in probably zone.
Opportunity: Prospect has shown interest and if price and terms are fine, he may be come customer.