Use company and country to set branches

Dear communities:
our team wants to set two or more branches for a long time
what we actually want is :
different branches can use their pos and see their own reports about selling
is this feasible in version8?

is this feasible in version8?

Use Branch,Warehouse and Cost centre.
You can control access using user permission manager.
We have around 50 branches and we are using it.
Of course there are some minor issues but no major roadblocks.

Try it out and post specific issues if you face any.

Hi @1117,

Use Role Permission manager and User permission manager to restrict branches.

first , thanks for your answering
after we discussed , permission function is not we want
we try the other method as follows :
set two companies and pos profile , each pos profile only for one user
then we log in with different account making sales invoice via POS
but the invoice only show that in one default company
how should I fix this problem ?

I do not recommend setting up two companies if you have only one company.

Because your balance sheet,P&L and all other reports will be different.

Only master data like customers,items are shared if you have multiple companies.

and see their own reports about selling
This you can easily achieve. Users can view sales report about only their branch.

Ok,I see