Use Custom field for autoname Customer

Hi everyone,
i don’t understand how erpnext handle homonyms, every time i try to upload new customer that have same name of another that already exists raise an error.
I have a custom field personal_ID that is unique and if i can use it to generate the name, i solve my problem.
Anyone can help me, thanks?

On what bases are you doing customer naming? Naming Series or Customer Name?

For now, no option to save Customer based on personal id. When importing customers, perhaps you can add that as a Customer ID. You could give it a try.

I have a existent CRM with ID and name of customer and i try to write a script to upload all data by API.
If i create a customer the ‘name’ field is equal to ‘customer_name’ field, i have some customers that in the time had change their status and has been create new account, due to this there are some customer with same name but different ID.
All time that i try to upload a customer with a name that already exists ERPNext block me.
I had try to upload first all ID as a name and then reupload the ‘customer_name’ field but in customer list remain only the ID display.
I have same relationship with other DocType, some new, and made the relation with ID i think is better for mantenance of platform.

I don’t understand well if the series can solve my problem and i try to use ‘name_series’ in customer doctype but in creation it use always ‘customer_name’. Where i lost something?

Thank a lot for your time

If you don’t want to keep the IDs from the old system, you can just leave the name column blank and Data Import will generate the unique id for you

I had try to understand better how erpnext work and i found the problem in my upload. I don’t link the custumer in contact field and it raise an error. For the moment the problem seams that it’s solve but i suggest to add the possibility to use an ID by default for the customer