Use Customization or DocType for changes?

If I need lots of changes on a form, what should I use? changes from Customization or Edit Doctype? I tried from Customize, but some changes cannot be done from Customize like moveing fields, adding HTML type fields?

If I add fields from Customize, I cannot find those fields from edit Doctype. When should I use Edit DocType and when customize?

the definition of “lots of change” is way too relative .

I think you need to define what you want to do. From that point, then you can decide which part can be done simply from editing the doctype or using higher level skill to customization or go the hard part by directly edit the python file if no solution can be found on previous steps.

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It depends on what you’re using ERPNext for, but Doctype edit modifies the structure of the doctype for all your sites, whereas customization allows you to apply different modifications for each single site without modifying the doctype’s inner structure.

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