Use ERPNext without using the Accounting Module

Hello. ERPNext is our first choice for our electronic manufacturing company. However, we don’t want want to use the Accounting Module as we already have an accounting system in place. Is it possible to use the Manufacturing, Stock and Purchasing modules without using the Accounting. Can we “turn off” Accounting or change the workflow so that, for example, we don’t have complete the accounting steps in accepting inventory?

It would be beneficial to use the accounting as well, it will give you reports under one software.
However, if you don’t want to use Accounting, there is no off switch but you can set dummy values as default (for values that you don’t care about) and then use the other modules.

Most of our clients was already using accounting software and accountants usually want to stick with their current workflow. We use ERPNext for their operations such as purchasing, sales, manufacturing, stock management, etc. They use purchase receipt and delivery note but not sales invoice, purchase invoice. We sometimes integrate purchase receipt and delivery note with their accounting software so they easily convert it to invoice in their system. So, that’s what we usually do.
So all operational data is on the ERPNext side, but financial reports can run within the existing system. And some managers prefer it. If you really need to deliver consolidated reports you may use Metabase or SQL Server. SQL Server can connect to other systems easily. You can combine MariaDB, PostgreSQL data with the SQL Server easily.