Use gettext for translations

I’m proposing this in consideration of the german translation. But I bet that it’s concerning more languages.

Many translations are context bound, which can’t be solved with the current way of translating.

When using gettext you can specify a context, so for example(one I ran into), translating ‘Make’ in the german context of the Make of a car or some other product. Without the context it’s also translating the ‘Make’ button.

@codeag the Frappe translation system is custom designed. Maybe this requires a slightly more detailed discussion sometime.

Talking about this since 2012 :slight_smile: See the problem with other more important topics back this days, but now it should be really some more than sometime @rmehta We are willing to assist, what do you need @rmehta

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Lets start with a list of improvements we can make to the translation system.