Use Jinja in Email Alert subject

I’m digging into Email Alerts and they are awesome. A few questions:

1 - Can I use Jinga in the subject as shown below? It is not working, so I’m assuming the answer is now - but I’d love for this to be added.
2 - When the email alert gets sent, the “name” isn’t included in the email. If I send emails via other documents, the name is set in the email. Email alerts only show the sender address, not the full name. Can this be added?

Also, in terms of etiquette, I don’t know if I should just be putting these in as github issues or bringing up for discussion in the forum :smile:

Done :slight_smile:

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Hooray! Thanks!

Item 1 was fixed – Jinga in the subject works great in latest release.

Item 2 is still happening – my “name” isn’t included in the email alert being sent, just the email address. The emails just show instead of “Roger Yarrow []”