Use of Item Default WareHouse


I would like to know what is the use of item defaults especially default warehouse?

I have implements a Rack & Bin system in ERPNext. Let’s say I have an item A, I have set its default warehouse to Bin 1. Item A of X quantity is located in Bin 1. Now, when I create a Material request/ Purchase Order / Purchase Receipt for item A, I would like the system to automatically fetch that item A needs to placed in Bin 1. How can I do the same?

Thanks in advance!

The default warehouse at the item level will be used as the primary warehouse for that item in all stock transactions.

If you enter any warehouse there, whenever the item is selected in any related transaction (eg: Purchase Receipt, Order, Delivery Note, Stock Entry), when you select the item, this warehouse will be selected in the transaction. You can make the change as per requirement on the transaction level itself.

Eg: You tag Warehouse A for Item X.

When you create a sales order for Item X, the warehouse from where the item X will be picked up will be Warehouse A.