Use original name for amended document

I have installed a fresh copy of erpnext.
In the system settings, the
Use original name for amended document check box is dimmed.
I want to enable this option; How?

This feature was removed: fix: Make "Use original name for amended document" setting read-only by hasnain2808 · Pull Request #15278 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

I see this feature is mandatory. It is very important to us.
In case an invoice number is set, it can not be changed in case it had something wrong that was corrected.
Other wise we have to delete the invoice, adjust the naming series, recreate the invoice and readjust the naming series again!

I accidently used this feature in my production instance. I cannot turn it off since I selected it. It was removed for good reason. It caused problems with route navigation in frappe. Also problems with reporting to government. Since some documents where edited after reporting to government it became much more difficult to find the edited documents. The best thing is to reverse the transaction with a credit note, then invoice with the correct information.

Thnaks for your repply, I really appreciate.