Use Party Specific Item to Restrict Buying from Supplier?

I don’t know if this is a bug…

I want to restrict specific Items, so that they are only purchased from specific Suppliers.

I have tried using the Party Specific Item DocType, using the Supplier setting, but it doesn’t work. I can submit a Purchase Order for the restricted item from any Supplier.

Can anyone help?


Doesn’t seem to work for selling either, have reported it on GitHub

Hi @pmjd,

I will explain the process like,

We did set the supplier with Item and created a purchase order.

so if you select the supplier which you set in Party Specific Item and then check in the item table, show only Party Specific Item.

when creating with PO with another supplier, then will show the all items.

If the above process worked then it is perfect.

Thank You!

Thanks @NCP it is working as you described but unfortunately not in the way I had hoped.

I was looking at the inverse, so that a specific item were only bought from specific suppliers rather than specific suppliers are very restricted in what we can buy from them.

i.e. we have to buy certain chemicals of a specific grade from our supplier, an item we would want to make Party Specific. But we also buy various other chemicals from this supplier and other suppliers (depending on price/availability) which have no restriction on purchase. So as it stands Party Specific Item does not work in this way.

I’ll maybe change the bug report to a feature request to allow this.

Thanks for you help