Use POS view in custom Doctype

I created a custom doctype (a restaurant app) and wanted to use the POS view…I need a pointer on how to do it on a self-hosted V6 version of ERPNext…I’m aware that @umair mentioned it is not possible thru the current configuration tools, but I guess it’s possible for custom development.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Help will be given if you make your module open source :wink:


Sure…That´s definitely the idea…I’m working on a couple of apps (Hotel Management and Restaurant Management) that I’ll release to the community…Once I have something to show :slight_smile:

I appreciate all the help you can give me to take this forward.

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Both of your Apps sound really interesting and I look forward to seeing them in action. Can I suggest that you move your development over to V7 as the POS functionality has been improved greatly. The offline functionality alone is worth the upgrade.

@chabito79 one of the things we talked about was release in small batches. This way its a lot easier to merge and review! If you have a large contribution then it gets harder to merge and review (and for you to go back and change some stuff, like column names and table names)

@chabito79 did you get any further on Hotel Management add on?

it’s still on development…I’m supposed to have at least version 0.1 by the end of next week…If I do , I’ll get back to you… Regards

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Sure plz do we can share the Dev cost if it works

@chabito79 yeah we would help with the dev a well

@chabito79 Any update about restaurant app?
I am looking for the same, if you need any help please tag me :sunglasses:

None, but there’s a module in the works on erpnext core