Used easy-install python script, no errors, ports open, "404 page not found" error

I finished running the easy install setup on a Debian 12 VM hosted on Google Cloud using the instructions here:

I opened ports 80 and 443. Yet when I go to the IP, I just get the text “404 page not found”.

This is what is in the easy-install.log file:

2024-03-16 22:30:33,875 - INFO - Running Production Setup
2024-03-16 22:31:25,665 - INFO - Docker Compose file generated at ~/frappe-compose.yml

Anyone know where to start diagnosing this?
2024-03-16 22:32:41,689 - INFO - New site creation completed

look at this tread. having the same problem. it didn’t solve it for me but maybe your case is different than mine