User Account Restrictions - Modification Requested

Hi guys,

I’d like to be able to create certain restrictions on some account users. For example, a regular sales representative in my organization shouldn’t have access to my bank account’s balance. They should only have access to the A/R of the accounts they manage.

Is there any thoughts on implementing something like this? Can something like this be done?

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@RespectfulKid Hello, please check out this thread → How To Manage multiple Companies?

Let me know if it helps!

Hey @neilLasrado , thanks for replying. Unfortunately, the link didn’t help much. For starters, I don’t have much technical experience with coding and in addition, I don’t think it referred to the type of restrictions I was looking for.

Any other leads?

Thanks for your help.

No I don’t think this feature exists, you can add a feature request at: