User Administrator cannot be renamed

I searched using this query User Administrator cannot be renamed and found no postings related to why we cant change user Administrator to something less common. I was able to change the login and other information just not rename Administrator.

Why do you want to change Administrator? You can create another user and assign the same properties.

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Bots frequently use administrator so it’s good protocol…

There is a 2 factor authentication. Try that.

Better protocol than say calling administrator names such as : admin or abcde or wtfadmin which after 3 months one will forget, therefore one will end up writing it on a sticky note and pasting it on your computer.

And then : we will find a new post :
“how can i find out the name of admin user that I changed 3 months ago?”

All software should give the end user the choice of changing the username and password that’s just common sense. Its the end users fault if they do not manage it as they should but it should be the end users choice. so the answer to the original question is?

It is embedded in your question “All software should give the end user the choice…”.
By making it open source, you have been given the choice to : read, understand, change it as you like :slight_smile:
Figure it out! And let us know how you did it. :slight_smile:

Besides, rule number (2) : All open source users should be willing to tinker a bit.
There is no entitlement or definition of “how software should be”…
And that is “just common sense too” :slight_smile:

By the way, you can create a new user and disable Administrator. Probably has the same effect.


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Maybe its a language issue I asked a legitimate question all I was hoping for was the logic behind why Administrator was fixed and couldn’t be changed, like if it is changed or disabled would a process not run, there has to be a reason why this basic and consistent strategy is not followed by ERPNext…

I am fully aware of what we get and don’t get with open source. I prefer to surround myself with folks that don’t take legitimate questions personal and if they have the answer to the question answer it otherwise don’t become a part of the problem in the open source world. I’ve been around a long time and watched many experts destroy something perfectly good.

At this point no one has posted “Administrator is locked for these reason” and the documents don’t speak to it as I referenced in my original post. so my question still stands…

I think it is hardcoded at many places. An until we have tests for the Administrator user, I am not sure of the impact.

Thanks that was what I was thinking the case was so disabling and using another user could also be a problem?