User and roles permissions

Hi there everyone,

Is it possible to create at least two users that have the same access as administrator rights where they have no restrictions?
I am having an issue assigning permissions to users, for example, I see restricted in projects and “Daily Timesheet Summary”. This works fine in Administrator but I need some managers to have this access without logging in as Administrator. I basically want to see all users timesheets under those manager profiles.

Just to give you a clue, I have created all users under administrator acc, and I am not sure if I am supposed to create a 1st user which will have power rights and use that to create the rest of the users.

Hey @cephas_kamuchira, have you tried going to the Users List and clicking in to a user profile? It gives you this list (pictured below) in the Roles section, which you can set for your users. You can also use the User Permission list to allow users read/write/create/submit access on specific DocTypes, or use the Role Based Permissions to do the same for a specific role (and you can create new roles, such as “timesheet manager,” and assign that role to your users).

Many ways to solve this, I hope this helps!

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Hi @welihayes do you know how the list of roles be visible to a new user if you will not give them the system manager role? The table “Has Role” is not visible if you try it.


Are you trying to be able to let new users see all roles available to them, or just which roles have been assigned to them?

@welihayes try to let the users see the assigned roles to them.


Only the system manager will be able to view Roles and anything related to roles like Role Permissions Manager, User permissions, etc.

@michelle but it is too risky to give a system manager to another user since they will also have the permission for the doctype and customize forms and other sensitive customizations for the ERPNext. We just need to give them the access to audit the roles assigned to one user. However, they cannot see the list of roles (table “Has Role” ). :frowning:

Hi @ponyooooo,

Are they able to view the user profile of the other user? Normally, even that is not variable unless you are the system manager. The role of the system manager is to manage users, roles, and permissions. So this is specifically reserved for the system manager only and not for any other user.

@michelle They can only see the list of users and the user profile but not the checked list of role profile.

Yes I do agree from what you said. That the system manager should only be the one to manage it. However, we are planning to give some permissions to some users to view and audit the role profile of all users so that they can help the system manager. It is not advisable to just give them the system manager role because they might accidentally delete or change other things that were not assigned to them.