User Based Company Restriction Issue

I have two company Comp01 and Comp02 and there is a user01 which has access only to comp01. I already mapped user User01 to Comp01 in User Permission Manager and also has ticked “Apply User Permission” in Role Permission Manager. But now when logged in to User 01 it is not showing any data, whereas there is three record with Comp01.

I also re-check this by putting simple filter in Doctype of Comp01 without any company restriction setting and it is working fine.

But above User Permission setting hiding all the record. any Suggestion

@Sumit_Arora Try to UNCHECK all the Doctype in the Material Request permission by clicking on SELECT DOCTYPE and only CHECK the company so then your user should be able to SEE the docs.

Are you saying that I should uncheck all the permission for Material Request in Role Permission User.

Please mention option name, so I can try it.

Under the apply user permission check box there is a link called “SELECT DOCUMENT TYPE” click that and do as below:

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Dear Adtiya,

This setting was already done, please have look on above screen shots. this user has access to this company. View is different as I am using ERPNext cloud.

Hi, Please help me with above issue.

So there is one more setting which is not mention in manual, when you go to Role Permission Manager, need to click Select Document Type and check “If Company is permitted”

Thanks Aditya, in your reply I was not able to find this option. So I keep exploring on this issue and found below video

Which clear me idea of your suggested option.