User Birth Date

There is some sensitivity in the US around birth dates and having that knowledge someone publicly available. With the indirect linkage of the employee record to the user record, one field that pops out as an issue is the birth date field. SysAdmins and such don’t need to know the full birthdate of a user. I figured out a way to hide the field all together by customizing the form, however is there a way to only show the field on the form if the user looking at it is the same user. E.g. I can see my own birth date on my user record, but another system user (or system manager) cannot?

You can create a permission rule at a new level with owner permissions, say 2 and then set the “Permlevel” property of that field to 2

Thanks @rmehta. This is one area where I think the docs don’t help much. To implement this change, would I adjust the the perm level field from 0 to 2 and then user the role permission manager to set the perm for level 2?

Please check:

This was helpful, thanks.