User cannot see item list

I have hosted ERPNext on DO. I created two users, with same permissions. But one of the users can see the items created, but another cannot see the items, nor is able to create an item. It says “Not Permitted : Insufficient Permission for Item”. Even in the list view, the user is not able to view items.

I have given the user all the roles (except employee), also gave access to all the modules. But still facing this issue.
Could someone please help.

You may want to relook at the Roles. The report Permitted Documents for User (Setup > Permissions) should help. You can use Role Permissions Manager to set the roles for the Item document. Here is the documentation.

Thanks @akurungadam .
I saw that for some reason the Item DocType had “Apply user persmissions” set for ItemManager role. When i turned it off, i am able to access the Item list.

But i could not understand why it started working, couldnt really figure out the use of “apply user permissions”.

Another user was not having any issue to view the item list. But he had an entry in the User->Permission table. Couldnt get what these entries are.

But atleast now i am able to see the list. Thanks for the help.