User Category in User DocType v15


In version 15, under user doctype there is a field User Category. It has drop down (select field) with options: Business Owner, Manager, Employee, Student, Freelance, Others.
I could not find any ERP documentation discussing this and purpose / differences in these categories.
Could anyone please be helpful and share details of these categories and how, if in any way, these would impact the user.

But user doctype does not have a User Category.

This is what User doc is showing and its not a custom field:

I think, you have added a field in doctype because there is no any user category field.

I just checked in detail and found this field is added by LMS to user doctype.

Hey, then you should first be told that you are using an LMS :sweat_smile:

No idea! Please update the topic category and add LMS.

oops. sorry.
thanks !!! I have updated it to LMS.