User Contact Restriction


There is a strange permission problem which I have identified today, the sales users are restricted to see the contact if the customers group permit them or they have created that contact.

Now when I use the global search tool or in “To field of email popup” after creating sales order for other customer, contacts which is not permitted by the above settings to sales users is still shown by the system. In some cases even after showing the errors. Below is the Role permission screenshot

Below is email popup where this restriction is not working

As you can see the drop-down is showing even those email address which is not permitted to be seen by this users. (Security reasons I have partially erased the content)

In below screenshot I am using the email address of restricted contact in global search and it returns the result with that contact.

When I click on that contact link, I am redirected to the contact page and there I see the permission error. Please see below screenshot.

When I hit close button I am still at the contact page where all the date is left exposed. Please see below.

The point is this contact is not visible in the contact list in CRM for this user but when I use the above methods with the same users it exposes the data, generally it should not give any data in return.

Any suggestion on above?