User converted via automatic rule On Customer Creation

user is automatically converted in customer via automatic rule On Customer Creation and too many communication gets linked with it, but user is not at all customer if i try to delete the customer it popups for cannot delete as it is linked with communication but if i check for communications it shows no link in it can anyone help on

1)how to delete the customer
2)how to remove link between the customer and communication in order to remove the customer
3)there are links in communication and the email ques also how to unlink the same

Old topic, but I think I stumbled upon a solution.

  1. Delete the email address from the customer and/or contact. You must do this first or all your other work will be instantly undone as soon as you do it.
  2. (This step can only be done by the “Administrator”) Go to the communications that are linked to the customer and/or contact and open them all up in new tabs. Go to timeline links and delete the links to the customer and/or contact which was created. You have to do this for every single communication. If you don’t need to keep the communication for whatever reason, you can just delete the whole document instead of the timeline links.
  3. Delete the contact document.
  4. Delete the customer document.
  5. Make sure you never have to do this again: Go to the user account document for which the customer and/or contact was created. In the roles section, uncheck “Customer” role.

Hi Thanks for the solution we closed incoming communication as it is consuming the more space from the emails with the attachment