User details does not display correctly

Is there someone experiencing this kind of behavior in ERPnext frappe?
How did you solve this kind of issue?

Hello @clark,

Can you put up browser console logs and/or terminal logs in order for the people to see additional details?



HI @iRaySpace,

It doesn’t raise any error in terminal that is why its hard to figure out the cause of this. I already tried to reinstall several times the ERPnext but still doesn’t work.

Anyone here experiencing a bug when accessing the user form in version 12? I’m also encountering this kin of error after trying to open a user details in the browser. Hope this helps to solve the problem.

per my experience, simply wait sometime(2 to 10 seconds?) till the form auto refreshed ( after the asynchronous ajax call returned, it will auto refresh the form automatically).
the reason is related to the complex logic behind to prepare all the data for the user form, your server performance, network bandwidth.

I’m also experiencing this. I noticed that after I’ve updated the User doctype and tried to access a user from the user list, the details are briefly present but then it goes to blank after half a second.

EDIT: here is a video link to fully describe the behavior I’m experiencing:

Hi @szufisher,

Thank you for your response. We noticed that the auto refreshed only works on firefox browser and fails to load on Google Chrome. For now we are going to use the firefox browser as an alternative.

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