User doctype showing empty sections

When trying to open/create a new user the sections come with blank pages.
Any lead will be helpful…


@Prasanth_Kumar_J Please do check if is there any logs in console, any js failed to load.

Inspect Elements > Console

@Hardik_Gadesha thanks for the reply

No errors in the console

@Prasanth_Kumar_J Try once with bench build --force and bench restart

Tried but no luck

@Prasanth_Kumar_J Any Doctype Layout implemented for User Doctype ?

any customization on user doctype?? if yes then disable it and check

No customization


Didn’t get you

did you migrate the bench ??

Hy @Prasanth_Kumar_J

Try this command i hope it’s working

bench update --reset --no-backup
bench migrate

Thank You!


Not worked seems to be some permission issue

Where can we reset the permissions

Tried in Role Permission Manager


Refresh the page and see an error in the terminal. Or see by creating a new site

Issue got resolved, there was a wrong property setter created for User doctype. After deleting that, it worked fine.