User Email Account

Hi there,
I know there has been discussion of the last few years about user emails within erpnext, has this been progressed any? is it being actively developed? it is a big feature of any crm so it is a bit disappointing that it is still missing.


Can you explain your use case. You can very well use emails within ERPNext and it works like most web apps would do (like GitHub)

I would like to be able to access my email through erpnext via imap/pop (any every other user can access their emails) and if a client email comes in I can then tag\save that email against a customer/contact. Also to be able to send emails out to contacts and customers within crm module.
On a side note products like vtiger, dynamics crm all have connectors to outlook which allow similar things but via outlook client.

@Jamie currently the features set is this