User have no email option


I have created user and assigned a Sales User role.

I want this user to be able to email to the Lead. However, there is no email option under Menu.

I have set User Permission to a Company.


Please assist. Thank you.

Hi @mulyadi-agtechsg,

Please go to the Role Permissions Manager and give an Email right for Sales User.

Thank You!

Already set. By default. Issue still persist.

Open the Lead and see if you can see “Email” button below the page?

Hi @michelle ,

There isn’t an Email button at the bottom of the page.

I have done the following to no avail.
Set the user as Lead Owner.
Give role as Sales Manager
Give role as System Manager

ERPNext: v14.24.2 (version-14)
Frappe Framework: v14.36.1 (version-14)


Can I check if others in this forum face the same issue and if not, which version are you on?


@michelle @NCP

Managed a workaround. I don’t think by design. I have to assign ‘Translator’ role to user.
However, there is no permission for ‘Translator’ for Lead DocType.