User ID / URL Bug

Bug Identified:

A customer deletion is not fully purged from the system. The record remains in search results along with the URL despite deletion and clearing system cache. As a result no new customer or supplier names can be used with the same name and subsequent URL while the deleted record remains in the system. Any resolutions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @envero,

Deleting Customer/Supplier documents work totally fine in my system.
Could you provide a gif/screen recording of this behavior?

Hi @dj12djdjs

Here are a few screenshots of the issue. In the list view there are no customer records although typing in the search bar reveals the records and when clicking on them it results in an error.

I’m uploading the other screenshots because I am limited to 1 media per post every 30 seconds.

Most likely the customer is registered under a different Customer Group or Territory. Remove the filter “All Customer Groups” and “All Territories” from the list view

I have removed all the filters yet the records still remain in the system in the search query despite not being visible from the list view. I believe this bug was initiated by deleting the record from list view instead of from the “… Menu” on the left side of the “+ Add Customer” because I deleted one record using that option and it is completely removed from the system although the other two I deleted from the list view by checking the box with a checkmark and those are still there.

They will remain in the search query no more than a day. Since the search query is indexed on a schedule. I’m not sure what the exact timeframe is that the re index occurs.

Although, you should still be able to create the customer of the same name again since It doesn’t exist in the tabCustomer table.

The weird thing is the 3rd record in the search query “CUST-2022-010001” allowed me to click on it and took me to the record page. In that record page I used the delete option in the “… Menu” and now it is no longer in the search query.