User permission allowing user to view employees where for_value is None

Explanation for problem:

I have a list of employees created through Employee list, where some employees belong to a certain Branch (like Software Developer, Android Dev, etc). I want to assign a user with permissions that allow them to only view/read based on the branch.

So basically if “User ABC” has user permission set for “allow” based on Branch and “for_value” is Android Dev, then User ABC whenever sees list of employees they should only see employees that belong to “Android Dev” branch. And this working but the list also contains employees that do not belong to any branch(Branch value for employee not set/None), which I dont want to happen.

Please see below screenshot

I want to make it work where only employees with that branch should appear.
I am new to frappe, any help is much appreciated.

Please check this:

@rtdany10 Its working now, thank you so much.