User Permission and Role Permissions Manager Conflict

Greetings all,

I was working on a specific workflow and figured out that in case a user was given access to specific entry or entries of a doctype using the “User Permission”, this user will no longer be able to Create a record in that doctype as the name of the newly created entry to be inserted will not be in the list of his/her allowed list of entries, even though I gave this user all the permissions to create, read, write… in the “Role Permissions Manager”.

I believe the creation of a new entry in a doctype should not be prevented or even related to the allowed entries limited by “User Permission”. What do you suggest please…?

Thank you

Have you found any solution?

please to be more specific,

  1. which doctype are you referring to?
  2. the user permission records created
  3. what is the error message when creating new record/document for the doctype?

If you want to restricting user to their own records, use the tick If owner option in Role permission manager and don’t use any User Permission.