User Permission bug for web forms


I created a web form, and two types of user roles can have full access. one is system manager, the other role is Contract Manager ( I created myself). Here is the screenshot for the custom DocType:

However, when I go to the webform for this doctype, User A cannot view data that was created by User B (Permission errors). But when I see the permissions by using frappe.permissions.get_doc_permissions(doc), I am able to see that the user has the correct permissions:
{‘if_owner’: {}, ‘read’: 1, ‘write’: 1, ‘create’: 1, ‘delete’: 1, ‘submit’: 0, ‘cancel’: 0, ‘amend’: 0, ‘print’: 1, ‘email’: 1, ‘report’: 1, ‘import’: 0, ‘export’: 1, ‘set_user_permissions’: 0, ‘share’: 1}

I am not sure if frappe is doing this on purpose? or it is a bug. So, as a result, I need to override the default function has_website_permission():

Does anyone is facing the same issue like this?


hello, were you able to resolve this?